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Friday, September 02, 2011

Throw out all your rocks, I saw Apollo 18!...

I collect rocks. I read once that having an attraction to rocks has to do with your past lives, and places those rocks may have been with you in another time. Whatever, I pick them up when I go places, and I have a lot. I like the round smooth ones, that stack nicely on a shelf.

I'm afraid of my rocks now. Because I went to see Apollo 18.

Mind you, I had a long standing love affair with the show Lost. That never told me where they were, or why there were polar bears, or what that smoke monster in the woods was. I didn't care. I watched each episode intently, more than once, peicing together how each episode had to do with another one. Looking for clues. Drooling over Dr. Shephard. I love that sort of thing.

Apollo 18 doesn't hand you a plot. Or great cinematography. Or thrills. I mean, it's a couple dudes in a space ship on the moon back in the 70's.

I should insert here, that I hate aliens. They scare me.

Apollo 18 stressed me out, the way that movie "Buried" with Ryan Reynolds stressed me out. A man, buried alive in a coffin w/a lighter, a cell phone, and a government that betrays him. Or the way that "Frozen" did, a few kids stuck on a ski lift for days. Seriously people, these things can happen to you!!

I don't need to be handed a story. I like to make my own deductions. Draw my own conclusions. Try to figure out if its aliens, or a disease. If the government would really send people to the moon to communicate with aliens, knowing they are deadly. I live for the stuff.

So, I spent the movie with hands over mouth. Squealing, swatting my girlfriend, jumping, and having heart palpatations from being startled, and saying "what IS that?" "OH MY GAAAAWD!!!" and "don't go out there!!!"

But if you don't like to get lost in a movie, and would rather say "this is so not real" you will just think this is boring, and stupid, and a movie about home videos on a space ship. You won't be afraid that astronauts have gone to the moon and brought back MOON rocks. Or....are they?

I havn't read a more interesting review of the movie than mine. I'll be awaiting my financial reimbursement, Apollo 18 makers.


Carolyn G said...

Oh I saw the trailer of Apollo 18 when i saw Fright Night last week and I was all over it. Hubby won;t go see it. Boo but I will definitely see it. That was a good review, you should get paid!

Sandra said...

No, you definitely win Apollo 18 review of the week. I'm still not going to see it though. I'm a big chicken.

Teena in Toronto said...

Gord saw it on Friday ... he gave it 6/10. Not my kind of movie.