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Friday, September 23, 2011

If You're Gonna Be the Poster Child....

At bootcamp a fellow camper referred to me as "the poster child". This is probably because I've been in the spotlight on the website forever, (I'm kind of a celebrity......) and I'm the only success story in a while.

But mostly it's cus during a step class I grabbed 4 risers, (and a boot camp step class is nothing like your ordinary run of the mill aerobic step class either!!!) and I tried to get everyone else to follow suite. "C'mon guys you can do it!!" No one did it. They all left me hangin.

But, I made it. And while my entire body was wet, and my instructor pointed out at the end that I look like I had jumped in a pool fully dressed.....it mad me choose 4 risers for every step class thereafter, and have the most amazing sense of accomplishment!

I guess if you are going to be a poster child for something, its better to be one for fitness, than say....crack cocaine. Or, depression.

Speaking of success. I recently had my annual physical. The Dr. was so enthusiastically impressed with my weight loss success, that she talked to me for half an hour. Ok, so she was an hour and 20 minutes late for our appointment, but still...whens the last time you got half an hour with your Dr. simply chatting? Hmm.?

She told me I'm at a perfect weight. I told her I want to lose 10 more lbs. because I want to be able to maintain by only working out 5 days a week. Like normal people. (currently you remember, I'm working out an hour and a half, six days a week.....no way I can do this forever) My knees no longer creak. My feet don't ache. My back no longer hurts. My neck doesn't crack 10 times a day. I'm a whole new me!

The best, best, best part, was when she moved me in my chart from "obese" to "average". I thought it was bad-ass to move from morbidly obese to obese a year ago, but now I'm only 4% body fat away from being in the "fitness category". FITNESS and ME in the same sentence!! WHAT?!!!

I kinda wanted to cry. I havn't been "average" since my very early 20's. And I doubt I've ever been deemed "fit".

Hi! I'm Fizzgig, and I'm....AVERAGE!

Well, this average girl is running her first marathon tomorrow. I'm doing the Akron Road Runner Marathon. (in a relay!) And, enjoying beer and pizza afterwards with my awesome running group and relay team that pushes me on outdoor runs every week! Aaaand.... I'm pretty sure that I'm going to be wearing my medal all weekend. I might even sleep in it.

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Debbie said...

Hey, Miss Average, there's nothing average about you. Even if the body comp doesn't say it yet, you are FIT! Congrats and good luck tomorrow. Enjoy the experience. Next we'll hear, you'll be doing the whole thing :-O