"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Because Everyone Loves Wine, and Medals!...

Firstively, I have bestowed the greatest honor upon my largest Buddha statue at home. He gets the sacred honor, of donning my Akron Marathon medal. I know it is safe with him, and I can glance at it whenever I want while I'm watching TV.

I say stupid things to him like "oh, Hi Buddha, how's my medal? Good? Great!" and "Lookin good Buddha!" So, I'm a little weird, but that's what is so endearing about me.

In other news, I have been preparing for my mega wine and cheese girls night blowout at the old homestead. I havn't had a girls night in so long, so why not pair it with the universe's greatest gifts to us...wine, and um...CHEESE! And I will be seeing some girls I havn't seen in ages! Girls....you all know how important this is!

I am so excited to have everyone bring their favorite wines, and favorite cheeses, while I provide my bomb-ass home made macaroni and cheese, and of course....while I do so much enjoy many other wines....the Moscato is my weekly drink. And I feel I owe it some sort of homage in the grand scheme of tasting new wines. I might also include a favorite from my most favorite winery, White Lies.

I have spent countless hours preparing the perfect music list for our perfect girls night. I. Can. Not. Wait!!!

The evening is going to be ended, by tripping the light fantastic (or cutting a rug, if you will) at our favorite local gay bar, where they are a simple $3 cab ride away, play the best music, have the best service, and pour the BEST vodka soda's, combined with most fabulous crowd that lets you enjoy your night without feeling like you are on display. (except for maybe the appreciation of how cute your outfit, or wristlet is!)

The night will end with the late-night viewing of Brides Maides, and the 40 Year Old Virgin.
For the ladies who have had a little too much fun.....the cherry on the cocktail is a sleepover. Where I hope that no one spends the evening puking, because I only have one toilet. Upstairs.

Other than that.......... I'm so psyched!

Girls just wanna have fun!


Carolyn G said...

I can't say you are weird because I do stuff like talk to my stuffed toys.

I am jealous of your girl's night out though. Sounds like ablast.

brookem said...

congrats! that's so exciting!