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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Somebodies Watchin Me...

So I never mentioned where I work, because I like to stay semi-anonymous, but now, that's a good thing! With all this new fangled technology, we received memos at work about social media. Not just the usual, don't do it on company time (this was actually outlined as being ok as long as it is not excessive, but subject to change at any time) but that our privacy is not guaranteed.

Even on our own time.

I am hoping that it is mainly geared towards people who talk about getting drunk and calling off work, or doing stupid shit on the job like stealing, cheating, or cohabitating with forbidden peers.

Mostly it was to say they hired a company to track all of us. I get that their concern is protecting the brand, the company name, and information. But also in the memo was a blurb about how we were not to say anything about anyone being pregnant, racial slurs, or a slew of other things that may be deemed as "harassment". It didn't specify just coworkers, so I take this as anyone.

Do I work for the CIA? Heck no, but I do love my job, my coworkers, the awesome perks I receive, the oppurtunity for advancement, and oh yes....my paycheck. So I simply wont mention the j-o-b again in any capacity. So yea, I have a job! And it's for-serious!!

And oh yea, I love everyone!

It simply amazes me that I am alive in a time where things like this are relevant to employment.

My how I feel old.

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Teena in Toronto said...

We don't have access to Facebook, etc. at work. I can blog or check my personal email and that's about it.