"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, July 28, 2014

Reunited, and it Feels so Good!....Twenty..Years..

One thing is for sure, I didn't feel nearly old enough to have been attending my 20 year high school reunion this past weekend! Living the childfree lifestyle really keeps you young...(or so I like to say)

The thing about 20 years is, everyone's divorced now! When you show up to your five year divorced, you kinda feel like a failure. (who? me?) But 20? Everybody's doing it!

An old friend tried to teach me to two step before saying that I sucked at it. I was all... "why is there a three count in the two step?!" I think it's actually the dance that sucks!

While in the middle of a photo op, he pulled me in and laid a real-life-open mouth-kiss on me. After I realized what was happening (I guess that does happen like people say..it takes a few seconds) I pushed him away! (even though, that's the most action I've seen in over 18 months) It was in front of everyone, and ON MY CAMERA, and inappropriate. I wasn't mad, just shocked. He's a real ladies man, and I told him I am not the kind of girl that falls for his game! I meanI'm one of the few good ones left!

Since I'd had some vodka-club soda's, I told another one of my guy friend's that my Mom thinks we should get married, and we had a good laugh. I tell her all the time, i don't think he is not my type...I've always thought he was a total player!

So the next day we messaged a few hours on facebook, and after all of this time I finally decided, what's the harm? He's not a stranger, and if nothing else, we will have a good time, right? In the spirit of being more spontaneous in 2014, he "I can maybe do that" and I replied "when that maybe becomes a definite, you let me know and I'll clear my calendar". Or something equally as witty.

Go me, right?

So we planned a dinner/drinks date for the following Saturday. Then today he texted he forgot he has a wedding and I probably didn't want to go, so could we move our date to Friday...I said sure. He replied "I figured you didn't want to go to a wedding". So, spontaneous me said I'll go to the wedding, they are fun.

Here's to new beginnings, or continuing old friendships. Either way, going out with a guy is kind of what a girl should be doing after being single 3 years, and celibate almost as long.  Right?

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