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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Life Has Gone to the Dogs....

I have been somewhat busy, work, gym, (losing 15lbs!!!), interviewing for an open position, to which I can not find any qualified people for the money we want to pay. (didn't I just do this?)

Having an open position at work is somewhat stressful on the rest of us, and so time has been getting away from me!

For fun, I've been getting my new dog use to his new home, (a month already!) getting him on a routine, and finding the right barricade to keep him locked in the kitchen all day with his brother! He has proved a master escape artist!

First I got the little extension because he jumped the regular gate that kept Magoo in for 4 years. Then, he climbed this. Then, he opened it and let both dogs out! Now, I have two regular size baby gates. So far, so good!

He is way more needy of my attention than my Mr. Magoo is, so I feel like I need to spend more time with the dogs now. But, not like I had anything else going on, and the extra walks are beneficial for me as well!

Lookin fly from the beauty salon! The groomer said he acted like a pro!

He's been vetted, microchipped, and groomed. He's officially mine now. But, I think Mr. Magoo may argue that he is officially his now.


Bo's first trip to the lake

After about three walks, they learned how to walk side-by-side and not get tangled up, and trip me

It really feels good to have not only taught Magoo how to be a dog after years of cage isolation in a puppy mill, but now I have an "unruly dog" turned angel-in-training! Everyone who meets Bo asks "who would want to give this dog away?" It just goes to show that when people say they have bad dogs, they should look at themselves! 


Teena in Toronto said...

They are toooooo cute together!

Urban Cynic said...

Mt Magoo looks like he just won the dog companion lottery. He thought he was happy before, and now look!