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Friday, April 11, 2014

You Stole Whose Bank Information?...

I guess in this day and age, everyone will succumb to having their financial information stolen at some point. "They say" it's inevitable.

It was just another Saturday, I was at the gas station buying cigarettes, and the cashier told me my bank card was not authorized. So, I presented the card to my secondary account, and went right home and confirmed, yes, I have my rent money, plus more in the bank. Surely it was a mistake, the cashier was an idiot...

Two days later, I'm at the grocery store...same deal. Luckily I have two bank accounts, so I am able to pay for my food, and go home. I called the bank who says, my card had been "compromised" and that they shut it off, and sent me a letter.

Sidenote: the post office has given me every bit of mail for people in a 4 block radius lately in the way of delivering me their mail. I had lodged a complaint with the post office already about getting random mail. I didn't get my bank card, but they said it had just left a few days ago and I should have it by week's end.

All I could think was, thank the stars they shut my card down, and no one stole my money! 

A week later, I still had no card. You don't realize how much you depend on a bank card, until you don't have one! All of my auto bill pays had been rejected. I had to shuffle money between accounts, but I kept telling myself, I am very lucky, my money is still there, I just have to re-arrange things to make my payments! It could be worse!

A week passed, another call to the bank to report the card never made it to my house. I then had to wait out the weekend, and make an actual trip to the bank branch to order a card to be mailed to the bank instead of my house, since my mail person has been an idiot.

I left the branch with a temporary card, which made me feel so much better!

I asked about where my card was stolen, so I could avoid using it again, and they just said it was a multi-merchant compromise that started with the big Target scam.

This has taught me that I need to start taking cash out of my account vs. using my card so often. Sure, it's an extra trip when you buy gas, but honestly, I think going back to cash will also help me save money for my house down payment!

And, in the myriad of phone calls to the bank, they talked me into opening an actual savings account. I have two checking accounts, but now I have a bonified savings. With no bank card access, so I'll actually save money vs. dividing it between two accounts.

There is always a silver lining!

Through the two week ordeal, and all of the inconvenience, I just kept remembering that I am very lucky no one took money from my account.


Teena in Toronto said...

I got a call last spring that my work-issued VISA card had been "compromised". Apparently someone in Texas (I've never been near Texas!!) had tried to buy $300 of liquor in a grocery store. Since it wasn't part of my spending habits, it was denied.

Monica @ The Hot Mess Express said...

Sounds like a hassel but really glad you weren't comprised/loss of money seriously. Plus loved your post about your dog, he's so cute. XOX

Urban Cynic said...

What a nightmare. I did actually have money taken from my account by an identity thief but, because I contacted the online stores & got them to reimburse the money, the bank said there was no crime & wouldn't even investigate it!

Be very careful about getting your bag stolen in a shoe shop by the way. Apparently it's a major hot spot here in the UK as you put your bag down, lean forward to put the shoes on and BOOM someone takes your bag from behind you. This happened to my friend less than 5 minutes away from her house and when she got home & immediately phoned the bank, the thief had already cleared out her account. They'd gone into every pub along a main road, bought a drink & got £50 cash back.

Just to give you something else to worry about! x

Fizzgig said...

of all the inconspicuous things to buy on someone elses credit, the liquor store? who spends 300 at the liquor store???? awesome that it was denied!!

thank you, he's my little man!

my mom is always hounding me about my purse when we are out, i really do need to pay more attention to it when i'm out! they should stop allowing you to get cash back when making purchases. if you need cash make a trip to the atm or the bank! it's too easy for theives to clear your account!