"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, April 21, 2014

My Credit Has Become My Hobby.

I've been spending hours pouring over potential houses. I'm not ready to buy yet, but looking at what is out there, is keeping my dream alive. Keeps me focused! (That, and the people who moved into the house next to me with two yappy dogs that yelp and bark like they are being murdered out their window facing my apartment whenever the wind blows)

I spend the rest of my spare time working, and re-working my budget. Shuffeling money around between credit cards, deciding what to pay more on, and what to pay the minimum on. Pay the low interest one down, transfer back on from the high interest card.

Not buying clothes on my store cards...even though they are having sales, and I really need new summer clothes!

My credit usage rate is what is holding me back. I'm just about maxxed out on my cards. I make good money, but I have a lot of credit debt. So, I've taken on raising my credit score as my next project.

I check my credit karma account on a daily basis...even though it only updates once a month.

Your credit score is like a child you have to keep an eye on it!!

So...I'm cutting back!

Discount food shopping is a big one..in the way of my non-perishables, and produce...(the rest I can't stray from the grocery chains..)

My hair roots are longer than I'd like. I am going longer between hair appointments. I've cut down on my wine consumption (the horror!) switched to a knock off toilet paper brand (this is huge for me, I am a strict Cottonelle user!!) I'm fighting the urge to tan, but this might lose out because I have to wear shorts again one day!

Every day I think about what I can cut next, and I spend $50 a month to have the dog groomed, when I'm perfectly (almost) capeable of doing it myself!

Of course this was a good idea until he started to scoot his butt on the floor a month or so back, which prompted a vet visit because I thought he had worms. Turns out he needed his anal glands expressed. Something the groomer always did. And saving the $50 wasn't worth it when I had to pay an equal vet bill to have tests run, and his glands done.

So in the spirit of continuous improvement..I'm reading "everything you need to know about anal glands".

Yes, it has come to this!

I just know owning my own home again is going to make all of this worth while! Moms of human kids do way grosser things, right?!!!!

Mr. Magoo sporting a hair cut by me, and 
cooling off on a walk in the park. 


Urban Cynic said...

Good for you. I don't have any credit cards any more & not even an overdraft. It was utterly liberating.

I had ideas on a few money-saving tips when reading through your blog post that I thought you might be interested in:

Tanning - Ponds Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion is AMAZING & works just like a self-tan but is cheap. A second best is Dove Summer Glow Nourishing Lotion. They both work brilliantly and I've tried a TON of them.

We have a website called Groupon where you can get daily email offers on hairdressers, beauty places & other products & services etc & I also sign up to an app/emails from Vouchercodes & Voucher Cloud for discounts on big-name stores & places to eat out. My friend gets similar deals with her phone Co.

A load of hairdressers offer cheap/free deals if you're willing to let a trainee loose on your hair. They're always supervised & they'd never let you leave unhappy. Beauty salons also offer the same deal sometimes.

Supermarket-wise, get a box of wine as it's much cheaper & always buy wine on offer. Buy stuff in bulk to make it cheaper (even go in with a friend on cupboard staples such as pasta, rice, flour etc) or get a bread-maker & make your own.

Good luck on getting you credit score sorted & even more luck on Mr Magoo's anal glands!!

Fizzgig said...

Urban: I love money saving tips!I need a good self tanner, I've tried many, and had shotty results! I'll try these!!

we have groupon, but i've had the same hairdresser for 12 years, and that's one cost i can't skirt..i love her...so i'm just waiting an extra few weeks and sporting my roots!!

I DID start buying boxed wine, you get use to it and it's not bad. and a splurge is a nice bottle once in a while to savor!!

I do need to look into buying staples in bulk though, thats an excellent tip!

and thank you..i need luck with the anal glands. it seems really disgusting, but not worth paying $50 for...MAYBE!

Teena in Toronto said...

Good for you for cutting back!

I don't think I could do the anal glands, though.