"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Sunday, September 09, 2012


I've been a bit under the weather. I am not yet sure if it is the change of seasons, or the fact that I am juicing. I read that you usually get sick when all the toxins leave your body, but then I'm not really doing a strictly juice diet, so who knows. Either way, it sucks!

I watched so many netflix movies, that I am really down to the nitty gritty. But I dunno what I'd do without it. I also rented Hunger Games.  One of the few books I read made to movie. It of course, wasn't as detailed as the book, and my only complaint is the movie didn't explain why they actually did the hunger games.

Despite being sick, I did manage to get out and enjoy the annual tradition of the Yankee Peddlar Festival with one of my best friends. We had amazing fall-like weather, which allowed for jeans, t-shirts, and sandals without freezing or sweating to death! I heart fall temperatures!!

Last year we discovered they served booze, and we think this year they got hip to it, because they no longer allow you to buy cold 6 packs to go...so we just had a few draft Berry Weiss beers, and called it a day. Having beer at a craft festival makes you very popular. Everyone asks you where you got it.

I think next year we should learn how to be spokeswomen for Leinenkugel. We drum up a lot of sales for them!
Not only did we have a couple beers, but as you can only get the best foods but once a year, I also indulged in my usual turkey reuben sandwich. I think I heard angels sing with each bite of this heavenly treat. It was, aside from my morning and evening juice, my only meal of the day. It wasn't even out of calorie conservation, I was full from it the entire afternoon/evening!! Worth every single calorie though!!

The only other event of the single gal weekend was my Mr. Magoodle-bug got his hairs cut off. He looks like a totally different dog when he gets groomed! He's so tiny!

Mr. Magoo with his cat brother Pickachu on Friday, hiding from the treacharous thunderstorm together!

Mr. Magoo after the groomer on Saturday. Totally different dog!

Surely, you had a more exciting weekend?


Rachel said...

Hope you're feeling better! I think we may be going to that festival this weekend. Well, at least my mom wants me to; but to be honest, if it's hot out, I won't be going! LOL

Teena in Toronto said...

It's amazing how skinny dogs get after a furcut. I wish it was that easy for me :)