"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, May 06, 2011

Obligatory weight update..

Today at work I sported a fitted T-shirt, and a size smaller jeans. I got a lot of comments on my weight loss. The pounds aren't astronomical, but I am definatly shrinking, and my old clothes just don't fit, at all. It was a sort of "coming out" for me. I felt amazing!

I love having a waist, muscles, and a pep in my step!

So far, I'm down 24lbs in 6 weeks after my official weigh in tonight.

A mere 16lbs to goal!!!! I'm over half way there! After that, I'm aiming for a size, not number, so whatever happens, happens.

I will say, that I can't wait until I am on maintenance, and I am not doing double workouts each day. Two showers a day, two make up applications, two blow dries, two flat irons, two workout outfits to wash, it's all a hassle. (the second wouldn't be so necessary if I didn't have a super duper crush on a security guard that patrols my area at the office....swoon.)

Tonight after bootcamp, I didn't want to shower and primp AGAIN before shopping, so I just spritzed some of my dog's powder fresh cologne in my hair and blew it dry. Classy!!! Don't knock it til you've tried it!! (and I have Jonathon Anton's "redo" spray, it has nothing on my dog's spray!)

I started weight training two weeks ago (P90X, and Jillians 30 day shred) a few days a week, so my weigh ins have gone from 6lbs a week to 2, and then 3 the past two weeks.

I was disappointed at first, until I reminded myself, that to lose 3lbs, I had to burn off 10,500 calories in 5 days to achieve it. And then I kinda feel bad-ass instead!

Tonight I was told to eat MORE. How awesome is that? I'm doing 10 workouts in 5 days, so I need to up my calorie intake in the form of another small meal. Never in a billion years did I think what I am eating now, would ever fill me up or sustain me, but it really does.

Just like everything in life, weight loss is a mind game. Happiness, success, you name it. If you get your mind to believe you can achieve it, the rest just falls into place.

I continue to feel the happiest I have ever felt, and believe the universe knows what is in store for me, so I don't stress.

Whenever anything is meant to happen, it will happen. And I my friends, am open, and ready!!

Tomorrow? An eleventh workout for the week, a four mile run with my girlfriend...as I plan on imbibing some delicious, sweet, ever-friendly wine in celebration of being the best me I can be!!


Debbie@ Live from La Quinta said...

Congrats! I most love hearing how happy and confident you are feeling. Your new lifestyle has become a habit and that makes it so much easier to sustain after you reach your goals. A real key, I think, is once you reach the weight loss goals is to create new goals which will keep you motivated.

Teena in Toronto said...

Good for you! I've been too freakin' busy to get on track. Maybe next month ...

Suzanne said...

24 pounds in 6 weeks?! Holy crap! Great job!!!!!!!

Carolyn G said...

WOw that is so awesome! I know it's tough losing weight and I applaud your efforts! You need to post some pics! Keep up the good work!

Fizzgig said...

thank you!! I think my goal is going to be to do a marathon. Half first! But thats far in the future! lol

It is so time consuming! I know thats why i am where i am right now in life. I have nothing to distract me.

thank you thank you! It seems like it should be so much more as much as I am working out, but I'll take it, slow and steady!

i need to have my before picture scanned...my before before, when i started this recently, id already lost 40 lbs. so im up to 64 all together!