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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Good things and Good People...(namely ME)

I had mentioned before how things at the job were changing. The new boss thing went through. No one really can stand this person, I told this persons boss, who asked me before making the change, that I can get along with anyone. And, I really can. I'm easy going, go with the flow.

Let's hope I don't eat my words. But the reason behind it was selfish...my development as a manager with the company will be more attended to with the new boss.

But this isn't about stuffy old work stuff.

I met with my old boss who first, who told me that my merit increase went through. Which, you know, 3% is always nice to see each year. But on top of that? The company decided to re-evaluated my salary, and that I needed an adjustment. So, ummmmm, someone ended up getting a 7.5% raise!!!!!! (ME!!) (this also means my BONUS next year will be even MORE!!!)

I was completely caught off guard. I mean, when I was promoted from a lowely secretary, I couldn't believe the raise they gave me, which doubled my salary at the time and enabled me to quit working two jobs.

Now? All I have to say is that I am sure glad my job at my last company was eliminated after 7 faithful years, which led me to the current employer. And that I didn't waste tens of thousands on college, and instead went to vocational school to learn my office-ly talents, was taught a good work ethic from my parents, and am just plain awesome.

Oh, and I'm also glad that I get a bad-ass discount on jewelry, because in celebration of my new found wealth, I am trading in my 1/3ct princess cut earrings, for 1/2ct! HALVES! I can hardly stand it! Before you know it I'll be on my way to full carats!

Ok, so I'm also being responsible and putting the entire raise automatically into a savings account, so that I can buy new furniture, and save for my very own house, since I seem to be getting along just fine without it.

I can hardly believe how fantastic things are going, just because I believed they would! It's kinda my reward for being jerked around the past few years. I'll take it!

P.S. Officially only two sizes from REAL goal size. I am into my "I'll live with it" size. But I'm not settling!

I think I'm going to get my run on while listening to this song today. Oh yea.

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Teena in Toronto said...

Congrats on the raise! Whoohoo!