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Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Post...

Someone lost another six pounds (12lb 2 week total) this past week, along with 4% body fat. While I'm super excited and proud, it is a LOT of work! I am working out 8 times in 5 days, and pretty much my life is working out right now. It's working out, thinking about working out, thinking about eating every few hours and planning my day around it, and when I'm weighing in so I can get my workouts in, lots and lots of sleep, and washing of sweaty ass clothes.

It really takes a lot of dedication and time, and effort. I don't have much time for socializing, although I did manage to go to dinner and a movie the past two weekends, and I made good choices, and still lost weight. And I probably made the waitresses think I was a fish, as I drink on average 5 glasses of water with dinner. It helps with the cravings..and the urge to reach out and steal someone elses bread, and run off with it while screaming "my preciousssssss."

Overheard at bootcamp this past week "ok jacks, 30 sets (of 10) 29....28....27....26.....26.....27....30....29"

This went on and on and on until oh I don't know we did a gillion sets instead of 30.

And on Friday, I had A GLASS of wine and enjoyed it. Not that I don't enjoy an entire bottle of wine, but I guess when you think about adding another day worth of workouts into the mix to burn it off, it puts it all into perspective.

What else did I do this weekend? Well I got my bonus at work so I had work done to the car and it drives swimmingly! Then I had work on the dog done. We sat at a shot clinic (to benefit the animal rescue so its worth it) for 2.5 hours. Then he had a vet appointment, his very first one. Where I learned what was wrong with his poopie little eye. He suffered a puncture wound as a puppy and it was never treated, and scarred over, and that is why its so much smaller than his other eye. I think every day I hate puppy mills a little bit more, if that is possible. I'm so glad he has me for a Momma now, and knows love, snuggly beds, scratches on the head, treats and "play".

At the dog park, a big dog peed on little Magoo's head. He didn't even miss a beat and kept on trucking.

I mean, look at his post-doggie park, going bye bye in the car happy face!


alexa - cleveland's a plum said...

ummmmmmm i need to get in on this diet, i'm SO bad right now with the lack of working out but eating like i'm still working out.


congrats to you though!!

mylittlebecky said...

MOAHR PICTURES OF PUPPIES!!!! he's so! cute! i want to squeeze him.