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Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Taste of Freedom...

So this weekend, marked my return to the road. Of course, first I had to deal with a bunch of dipshits at the BMV, not suprisingly. I got to swap out my drunk plates for my personalized plates that I've had since my Dad died, and he had for years before that. They mean something to me, so when I got the notice that I had to have drunk plates, I made sure to ask what happened to my personalized plates in the meantime.

They hold them for a year.

After having to do her job and make TWO PHONE CALLS, I am getting my plates back. I have no idea why everyone in the world seems to be smarter than workers at the BMV.

And then they took my liscense picture, where I have half a smile and look like I may have had a stroke at some point in my life. But, hey, I can drive so fuck it!

In fun news, I took Magoo to the dog park for the first time ever. He LOVED it. He ran around and met all the dogs, sniffed tons of butts, and penises, and peed on lots of trees! Remember little gooder is a puppy mill rescue who is super shy to everyone but me. Well he ran around and stopped at strangers for pets, and played with dogs.

We all stood around and talked about our kids when they played together. I think I found a place that I belong. I felt like a proud Mom watching my kid interact with others for the first time. He was well behaved, well liked, and everyone thought he was so handsome.

Who needs stretchmarks, and a sore vagina?

Look Mom! I got friends!

He got extra excited when he found little dogs! This shih tzu (Magoo is in the blue collar) behind him had a tongue that stuck out!

This was when we first got there, he was so excited.
Reason 345,678,902 not to have kids, I didn't have to buy my dog something to make his day, he was so happy to run around and play with other dogs.

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