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Friday, March 18, 2011

Boxed In...

I am so super excited about the release of Scream 4 that I can barely contain myself. I love nothing more than a good scary movie, especially when it contains the right amount of cheese to make it worthwhile!

But..I'm kind of pissed that I will have to turn in my Scream trilogy box set for a new one.

Owning box sets is like a secret club. It makes me feel like I'm better than everyone else, because I paid a buttload for a cardboard box to house all the movies other people already own.

And then you realize that box sets aren't all that, because when I bought the Friday the 13th box set, I learned it does NOT include the tenth installment..."Jason goes to space" as it was made by a different movie company. What a total rip off.

I imagine this is how nerds feel, having to re-buy Star Wars and Lord of The Rings 15 times, whenever its digitally remastered, a song is changed, or they add a storm trooper or elf here or there.

What's your most prized box set? Mine is the Nightmare on Elm Street. Complete with 3D glasses for that one scene in "Freddy's Dead". My favorite of the movies is New Nightmare. Which was the one that was a movie within a movie. Kinda like Wes Craven also did in Scream 3. I love that!

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Sandra said...

I remember Nightmare on Elm Street, saw all the movies. But I also remember all the nightmares Nightmare on Elm Street left me with! Girl, you crazy, you and your love of scary movies, and owning the box sets!