"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Sunday, February 06, 2011

One less heart in the jar...

This is a story about two people. A cheater, and a cheatee. (cheatee?) Who dated for a very long time. In their relationship there was cheating, a break up, a reunion, a break up, and after a very long time apart....they got back together.

Que Hearts and flowers.

Then, one stormy evening (for effect) the cheater tells the cheatee that he ran into the skank that he cheated with at a party of a friend of his. The cheatee decides, if skank is friends with friends of his, and she will be around, she has to accept it, and trust him. Not easy, but she does. She is not normally a jealous person so she doesn't let it consume her at all.

But then...after a week of the cheater being distant, and acting strangely...

The cheatee just so happens to unblock the skank from FB and happens to see that the cheater and skank are friends, after the cheatee asks the cheater one measly thing....unfriend her and months prior, he did.

When the cheater is asked why he is friends with the skank again after the cheatee simply asked one thing of him NOT TO be... the cheater says he was 'going to tell her' ...and he did it to see if the cheatee was over the cheating incident. Like...a test. Or as the cheatee likes to call it...a set up.

After all of this, the cheatee goes thru the cheaters phone. Wondering what may have happened to make the cheater no longer hate the skank, and risk the relationship they had to be friends with her.

The past was the past until the cheater brought it into the present again. Disrespecting their relationship, and any progress they had made by choosing to have her in his life again.

The cheater becomes irate because the cheatee looked in his phone. And..dumps the cheatee...because the cheatee doesn't trust the cheater. And after everything she was willing to overlook, this one incident is what made the cheater snap.

In reality, the cheater dumped the cheatee because the cheater hadn't changed, and had something to hide. The cheatee regretted going thru the cheaters phone for about a day, until she realized that if it wasn't this incident, it would have been another day. Another time, or another girl that did it. He was still afraid to move forward, to compromise anything to be happy with her, and would be a perpetual headcase.

So, the cheatee is thru wasting her time and tears on someone who doesn't deserve her. She is so much better than that. And she is totally over it!

(this space intentionally left blank for her happy ending..................)


Frances said...

A friend from long ago and far away once told me: "When you take the garbage to the curb - leave it there."
The cheatee will go on to find a life filled with light and love :)

Fizzgig said...

I like the way you think!