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Monday, January 06, 2014

Yes..I Hate Sports..But I've Made an Exception....

It's only a few days into the new year, and already I am well on my way for not only trying new things, but being spontaneous. The past couple of years I got so regimented, that I wouldn't stray from my plans, and in a sense, I got kind of boring.

Just on my birthday I had an invite to dinner before my get-together, and I just couldn't bring myself to go!

So, without my usual "week's notice rule" (I'm that annoying!)  I went cross country skiing with one of my bff's on a whim! I mean, we had a great snowfall (about 7") and I had a half day off of work to burn! Yes, it was freezing, but the sun was beautiful and it was such a great work out, once you get going, you keep pretty warm!

I have never had a better time outdoors! We laughed the entire time, from how ridiculous you look doing it, to how fun it was to catch a little speed!

Look at all of this untouched snow! It is just beautiful!

One of the best parts of the day was when I started zipping along thinking "this is just like the nordic track" and I was catching some speed.

Here I am, skiing along, pretty bad-ass!

And then here I am when I totally biffed it! On flat land. 

Here I am signaling that I'm Ok...you notice my bff didn't come to help, but rather got pictures.

Later, while trying to turn around I got my two ski's overlapped, and boom! I biffed it again while standing. We were laughing so hard about the fact that I honestly could not untangle my ski's and figure out how to stand back up, that my bff fell down in laughter!

One of the trails we took. Stuff like this makes you see the beauty in the snow!!

 The sun on the snow seems magical!

Snow covered trees!

The next day, despite my rigorous workouts, I found muscles that I didn't even know I had!

After skiing, we had hot toddies, (a first for me) and I tried sushi. Which I don't like. But I had an avocado roll, which I would totally have again! And saki...and I guess..who doesn't like saki? I didn't care for the fish smell of the joint, but I had fun nonetheless!

Now, we are buckeling down for a -40 wind chill here in NE Ohio. We get cold and snow, and the occasional subzero temp...but this is something none of us are use to!

Warm thoughts!


Urban Cynic said...

That looks like so much fun. I've never been skiing as I know that I'm one of those people who would break their leg in the first hour!

The snow in the US gets about 3 minutes on the news here (we're more interested in the shitty rain - rain we get every single year and flooding despite the fact we have ever-changing weather and really should be effing prepared for it. The UK is useless) but it looks really full-on. Apparently all of your states have record low temperatures - I simply cannot imagine what minus 50 must feel like...

So keep warm and don't break anything! x

Teena in Toronto said...

Now you see why Gord and I love snowshoeing!

Fizzgig said...

teena: they have a snow shoeing option too, we may try if we get some more good snow!!

Urban: oh yea, we had a couple days with -40 wind chills....it was super scary to drive in, my brakes were hard to use on the car, they worked but felt like the anti lock was on when i stopped! you should give it a whirl!!

Carolyn Gonzalez said...

I am glad she got pictures. LOL