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Monday, January 13, 2014

Bad Volunteer....

I generally don't make resolutions, because I don't believe in setting myself up for failure. I like to have goals all of the time, so that every step toward that goal is a win, no matter what day of the year it is! With that being said...

I was a really bad animal rescue volunteer over the past couple of months, and I didn't show my face at the rescue ONCE! It wasn't because of weather, or being too busy...it was just sheer laziness.

I had really been wanting to get back to the shelter, but I had been gone so long...I felt guilty just showing back up. But just as the universe does, it opens doors for you when you ask for them to be opened. There was a group walk for the dog walkers/trainers this past weekend, and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to get back at it.

The dog trainer was on the walk, so I took out some really hard cases so that the trainer could help me get approved for walking the tougher cases on my own. These are the dogs that people don't tend to adopt because they are hard to handle, or have "no manners".

I learned how to control a 100lb dog, who was afraid of noises, barked at the other dogs, and pulled constantly simply by the placement of his leash, and a flick of my wrist.

This is also something I learned in my MMA classes...if you control someones head, you can control their entire body! It's amazing!

I am happy to be back to doing what makes me feel accomplished, while making my heart smile.

Plus, I got to meet, and play with the cutest puppy in the universe afterwards. It was a great reminder as to why spending time at the rescue is important to me. I get my kitten and puppy fix without having to take them home. I know that they are well cared for with the staff and volunteers, until they find homes... and in the meantime..I get to enjoy them and help them get adopted!


Carolyn Gonzalez said...

I don't have your email so I know you moderate comments so I wanted to answer your comment. Dexter is good stick with it but your friend is right, this last season is not as good but still good enough to finish the season.

Lone Survivor opened this past weekend. But it is worth watching at the movies because the experience is so intense but I wished I would have waited to see it at home because I wanted to start bawling because I am a baby.

I am waiting for Netflix to put Orange is the new black on discs because I have only heard good things.


Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

So glad that you got back to your volunteering! I'm sure it is so fulfilling. I am always afraid to volunteer at a shelter. It makes me so sad and I want to take all the animals home. And you know me, I probably would :-)

Fizzgig said...

i guess i'll keep on with dexter! I just heard this morning about lone survivor being in theaters and how stressful it is!!I may have to go see this!

i thought the same thing, that I would wind up with all of the animals. But if you work with a great rescue, you get to see behind the scenes, that they are really well cared for, and how much the staff, and volunteers give them love and attention. The cats are free range in large areas, and the dogs have dog walking volunteers (me) that get them out of their pens daily. It makes you feel good about it!

Teena in Toronto said...

That puppy is waaaaaaaaaaaaay too cute!

I'd never be able to volunteer with animals because I'd want to take them all home.

Urban Cynic said...

Look at that cute little dawg! How adorable is that fella?! What a face.

I love Dexter by the way. I've seen them all except S7 which has just arrived from Amazon (I have a bit of a crush on him actually)to be honest though, I fell in love with the show straight away so if you're not feeling it then maybe it's not for you. There are so many great shows out there - my favourites are Mad Men, Dexter, The Soprano's, watching old Northern Exposure on DVD, and Game of Thrones of course which is the shizzle!