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Friday, August 02, 2013

Fly on the Wall..

So one day, I randomly had a house full of flies. I mean, so much so, that I was either A) housing a dead animal somewhere or B) reliving that horrible fly scene in Amityville Horror.

How does one kill over 125 flies in a day? Windex. I'm pretty sure they should market themselves as a flying pest killer, because trying to kill them with a flyswatter is useless, one spray of windex, knocks em down, another spray? DEAD!!

After counting how many flies I killed,  I remembered how I made fun of my Mom for counting 100 bees that she caught in her bee catcher.

Obviously, this is filed under I'm becoming my Mother...

But the flies kept coming. Not as many, but frequent, and then there were gnats!!

The gnats made me drink too much wine, because I couldn't put my glass down for a second without one or more of them floating in it...that's wasteful! So I'd sip, sip sip...I'm empty, time for more....repeat.

I finally found the source of the flies. It wasn't a dead animal. It was my neighbors trash can, that sits directly under my kitchen window! I saw it swarming with flies, so I open it up, and it's literally crawling with maggots!!!! *shreik*

So, I had to call the landlord, and tell him that the neighbor is disgusting and she doesn't take her trash to the curb. (which is paid for by our landlord...btw) I didn't wanna be a taddle tale, but I'm running out of windex, and wine!

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