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Monday, July 15, 2013

Is It Hot in Here?...

It's been hot as balls here in NE Ohio. And what I mean by that is...the mid to high 80's and 90's and over 60% humidity. We aren't use to that sort of thing.

I got my electric bill for last month, that was close to $200 bucks. I've never ever had an electric bill even at $100, so frugal me says....eff that, sweat it out lady, it's FREE! But hard working me says...you deserve to not be sweating bullets when you are home relaxing after a hard day's work, and working out.

I'm conflicted, you guys!!

Mr. Magoo has a sweet pool to cool off in after running around outside. I'm kind of wondering why I got such a small pool. Maybe I should have got a kiddie pool vs. a doggie pool? See why I don't have human children? I have pool envy! 

I went to see a Johnny Cash tribute band this past weekend with my Momma. 
He had a mullet and everything!

They were a really good band. I'm not a huge fan of Johnny's, but I am in love with his story on Walk the Line. I've probably seen it 20 times if I'm being modest. 

The venue for said concert was at a lake that I actually use to swim in growing up...needless to say that was banned about 2 decades ago...

Magoo loved all the attention he got at the concert!

How are you beating the heat this summer??

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Teena in Toronto said...

It's been brutally hot this week (45C with the humidity) ... it's supposed to cool off for the weekend. Yay!