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Friday, August 03, 2012

She's Crafty...

I havn't made anything in along time...unless you count mixing sweet chardonnay  with sugar free red bull...because that was a pretty sweet creation. Watch out Skinnygirl.

This past weekend I was super excited to put to use some ideas I found on pinterest.

One was putting to use all the wine corks I have. But I need to drink about 20 more bottles of Sutter Home Moscato to complete the project. Sure, I have tons more wine corks, but they were not all symmetrical. You may think this made me reconsider all my wine drinking. But then long ago..I switched to boxed, to avoid the knowledge of how much wine I really consume.

Sure, as far as function goes, it's totally useless, and it just sits on a shelf to collect dust and cat hair, but it looks kinda cool.

The second one was making a few sets of coasters out of my racing bibs! This was so much fun! Now, I can see my accomplishments every day, and it's a great conversation piece!

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Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

I love the coasters! What a great idea!