"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Non-Conventional Family Album...

I am the girl at the office that whenever she is faced with pictures of someones baby, swiftly whips out photos of her own family....meaning, the furkids. I may not have given birth to them (thank gawd, that process terrifies me) But I still love them to pieces, and worry about them much like Mother's of human kids do.

So, I am sharing pictures of the whole family in one single post! 

You know Mr. Magoo...aka "Goodlebug". My shih-poo puppy mill rescue that has turned me into an anti-puppy mill machine with his adorable face, and sweet nature. Who could ever neglect a dog with a face like this?

Tai Ming. aka "tyrone biggins". She is my oldest cat at 15 years. She was an accident with the breeder, and is a burmese/himalayan mix that should have never been. She was raised with a monkey that carried her around like a baby. True story!! (supposedly tai ming means the monkey but I trusted a coworker at my first real job so that may be a lie....it was way before google) She is beautiful, and loves to talk!

Fizzgig. aka "giggenstein". She is 13. (My favorite cat...shhhh...!!!) My doll faced persian. She is named after the identical creature in one of my favorite movies...Jim Henson's "The Dark Crystal" (pictured below). I just love this cat, and she is the sweetest, most docile creature in the universe! She is the mother of my next two kitties.

Doesn't the cat Fizzgig look just like me? Yes...the answer is yes...

Pickachu. Aka "Peekums". Son of Fizzgig. He's 12. He is named after that horrid pokemon creature, because he was the tiniest kitten with akward giant ears....just like the character. He is also a doll faced persian mixed with a random cat that his mother ripped out a screen in our home to go bang before she was even spayed. The only boy cat in the clan. Probably the sweetest cat known to man besides his Momma.  He is the resident caretaker in the group, and an excellent snuggler! I love that face!

Fozzie. Aka "Fozzie Bear". She is also 12, and daughter of Fizzgig. She also has the "bastard" lineage of her brother. This cat was the first to come out of the womb (I saw the magic happen!) and grew twice the size of the other kittens by the first trip to the vet. He actually asked me if she was from the same litter she was so ginormous!  I carried this cat around everywhere from birth, and now she is annoyingly sweet, but oh so needy! If there is a hand to be seen, she is forcing her face into it to be petted!

I love these little critters like nothing else, and while I understand peoples love of their children, I find it few and far between that anyone understands that I am just not cut out for motherhood, and that these little creatures need love just as much as human babies do. 

I understand my shortcomings, and I am doing the world a far greater justice by taking care of animals than I would be by having babies. 

Everyone has a purpose on this earth, and I am certain I found mine. 


Debbie said...

Ahh, I love seeing all your fur kids! And I do understand them being your children. I love my pets completely (and they don't complain, ask for money, and when you come home they are REALLY happy to see you!).

Carolyn G said...

Love your furbabies!! I do the same thing.

I never wanted kids but my furkids have made my life better.

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm with you ... I love love love my furkids!