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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Where Work Gets in the Way....

I was pretty sad today, when during workout #2, I see on the 5:00 news that my future husband #3, (Right behind Edwin McCain, and Jason Stathom) Matthew Fox (Jack Shepherd, and Charlie Salenger!!!) was a mere stones throw away from my very own apartment, filming with Tyler Perry in the new movie about a series of James Patterson books I love about Alex Cross! Perry is Alex Cross? ( I always pictured as a sexy Blair Underwood, and in the past was played by Morgan Freeman...really, movie makers? Didn't you read these books??)

This is a sign that I should read the local paper like a real adult.

I could have totally taken vacation. I have a week left with nothing to do, and no promising proposals on the horizon. I could have innocently walked Mr. Magoo down to the cemetary, and peeped some celebrities, if even from afar. I could have walked the same street he walked.

Sure, they also filmed at Stan Hewitt, which I attend once a year in October for the craft fair, and enjoy hot cider, and hot fresh gingerbread cookies. Or on the occasion that a friend gets married there. But, I can't walk there in minutes like I could at the cemetary. Just thinking they were so close, makes me want to cry.

Yes, Clevelanders, most of this is filmed in your city, but nothing ever happens in Akron. This is the biggest thing since that one rock lady opened the vegan restaurant downtown!


I'm just not meant to get married yet. I think he'll wait for me.

But, I swear, if I see the lunatic lady that lives across from me, and wears duct tape on her mouth in the movie, I will just die.


Carolyn G said...

Damn work! You totally could have scammed on Matthew FOx. But didn;t he get arrested for assault yesterday? I would still do him.

Debbie said...

Ok, I totally got distracted by Chrissie Hynde's new restaurant. Have you been there? God, two things I love...vegan food and Chrissie. It's almost enough to bring me to Ohio!

I agree with you about Tyler Perry. Come on, as Alex Cross? No freaking way! Is he going to play his kids parts too? And his mama? Lol

Fizzgig said...

they said he was on the news, but that lady was a mess. i dont believe her. i think she wanted money or fame since nothing big ever happens. Im in denial see, cus I love him so much! lol

I have, its fabulous, but hard to find people to go with so I've only been once! Its pricey but fun to go for the experience!

Ohio is the heart of it all! Although if you do visit, let me save you some money and tell you not to go to the Rock Hall, I live here and only just visited this year, and wouldnt recommend it. I'd rather visit the hard rock, where you can take pictures without being yelled at!