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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Puppy Mills are for Assholes...My PSA!

I took Mr. Magoo for a walk this past weekend, and one thing shih-poos (and all short snouted dogs for that matter) are not cut out for, is heat.

My little guy pooped out in the heat and started showing signs of heat exhaustion, plopping down on his side and panting so hard he could barely catch his breath. *panic*

Being the good mommy I am, I rushed him home into a cool bath and air conditioning. Normally my Magoo isn't much a fan of bath time, but here he is chillin like a villian in a cool bath, completely trusting that I know what the hell I am doing!

This picture shows he is miles away from the first five years of his life....that of cage confinement, being forced to "perform" with the ladies, and being treated like a paycheck instead of the amazing little man he is. He was on his way to being shot by the people who used him, because he no longer "performed" as he should.

I wish people would stop buying pet store dogs, and realize the horrific life that the parents of those cute "puppies in the window" are forced to endure. He never knew love, a bath, medical care, brushing, bathing, play, toys, treats, or even real food, which his poor teeth are now paying the price for.

(well, actually, my job is paying the price for those teeth...)

And I gave him his name because he has little a blind right eye. Which when he visited my vet, was found to be blind not by birth, but due to a puncture he suffered as a puppy that was never treated. How cruel.

He is such a sweet dog, and I am so lucky to have rescued him.

Mister Magoodle was adopted several times and returned pre-maturely because he didn't "click" with the new owners after a few days. Puppy mill rescues take more time, understanding, and patience in the beginning, but what you get in return is priceless. I am Mr. Magoo's world. He follows me around just like a baby duck, and looks up to me in a way that warms my heart, and who doesn't want to feel like that?

I will never forget the first time he was rambunctious, and enjoyed a good play session, (playing tag in the hallway) or even the first time taking a treat (BACON!!!) from me, was a lot of work!

I have been on both sides, and having bought a dog at a pet store, that spent 15 years of her life riddled with health problems, made me change my ways. I kind of feel like Magoo is my karma, I am making up for a bad choice...but somehow, I am still the one that wins.

Knowing where he came from and seeing the amazing pet he is now, is all because I gave him a chance. I really feel like he rescued me just as much as I rescued him.

After buying a "used" dog, I'll never go puppy again. But, many rescues are lucky to not only rescue the puppy mill parents, but their babies too. So if you are thinking about a dog, save a life, or at least, buy from a responsible breeder, not the pet store.

What "they" say is true. You will feel amazing about the decision you made!

And visit one of a kind pets. They do amazing rescue work, grooming, and hold at cost shot clinics for your pets, all which benefit the rescue of amazing animals like Magoo!


Debbie said...

That was a lovely tribute to Mr. Magoo. It is so true. I get so mad at people who still buy pets from the pet store. Even those who get them from breeders when there are so many homeless pets that just need someone to love them. Just because they want a dog with a pedigree or some designer dog.

I have a house full (6!) of rescues and everyone of them gives me love like they know I saved their lives.

I've followed Mr. Magoo's story as you've written about how he has come to trust you. It really is wonderful and brings tears of joy to my eyes. You are lucky to have each other.

Carolyn G said...

Preach it sister! I am always amazed at how cruel the puppy mills are. I wish more people would adopt from animal shelters.

Teena in Toronto said...

You two are lucky to have found each other :)

I'd never buy from a pet shop either.

As you know, we recently adopted a kitten and it was from a rescue. They have tons of kittens and cats that need homes so there's no need for people to buy from pet stores.

Fizzgig said...

So true! They rescue "designer" dogs and puppies too, and what do you ever do with papers? Who needs em? I can't wait to buy a house, I want to foster rescues for adoption, it is such a rewarding thing to do, and as hard as it will be to let them go, I'll know I nurtured a life and got them to a good home!!

i agree! i dont think people understand you can get amazing pets from a rescue too! (myself included) And I have never read a story in my monthly adoption newsletter that says they were sad they adopted, everyone is always so happy they saved a life!

oh yes, your kitter butt is adorable!! There are far more cats that need adopting too! Personally id much rather adopt a cat, having to deal with getting them spayed on your own is horrible, I hated it, mine all tried to pull out their stitches, got ulcers, and infections. Adopt, and be done with that whole mess!