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Monday, December 09, 2013

Run, Run, Rudolph!!

The high on Saturday in the Cleves was 24. I don't know the official weather at 8 am, but my official opinion is, it was "fucking cold". I wore long johns under my running tights, and a long sleeve tech tee, and a running jacket, a hood, gloves, and smart wool socks. I lost feeling in my buttocks almost instantly. I didn't dress up but there were some creative costumes.

My favorite was a girl dressed as one of the Bumpass' hounds, she had on a dog face cap, and carried a turkey.

My race swag. 

Luckily we got a ticket to tour the Christmas Story House another time, because the line was ridiculously long, and the cold was even worse after working up a sweat!

We didn't have to wait in the mile long line for a ride back to our start line, because my bff scored us a ride to the big city, who also came to pick us up from the finish, and then took us to brunch! I mean, does it get any better?

There were a lot of walkers. Strollers. Kids. People wearing boxes. And, ICE on the road...so we didn't get to really compete for time. Our 5k time was 34 minutes. Not our best, but pretty good considering. But it was for fun, and we didn't mind. 

This is clearly, my new favorite medal!

And since the cold has descended upon us, and everyone loves pet photos, here is what the animals have been up to.

"Somebodies sleeping in MY bed". Mr. Magoo has also started to enjoy the sweater bed I made. Fizzgig is unimpressed. This is cat territory.

 This was a few minutes later...if you can't beat 'em...join 'em!

I guess I need to make more sweater beds. 


Teena in Toronto said...

I was in western Canada this week and it was -40C with the windchill. That was freakin' cold!

Your furkids look too cute. Yes, you'll have to make a couple more beds. Mr. Magoo looks way too comfy to share!

Urban Cynic said...

Mr Magoo has his butt well and truly planted on that bed. "No room for kitties here"!