"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, September 27, 2013


Mr. Magoo kept a close watch on Miss Tai during her last night at home. 

Tai only made it two days, until her mouth was affected by paralyis, and she couldn't eat, or comfortably close her mouth properly. She purred the whole time we were at the hospital. I waited until she was gone to bawl my eyes out, I wanted so much for her last moments in this world to be peaceful, and comforting. She deserved that much.

I am very lucky to have such great friends. After laying Tai to rest at my Momma's, one of my bff's came over with a bottle of wine, and a box of beautiful chocolates from Lily Chocolates in Tremont. She got me to laugh, and forget about reality for a while. Where would we be without girlfriends?

This whole time, I was not only dealing with onset of Tai's illness, and her death, I also noticed another of my cats, 14 yo Fizzgig, was hanging around the water bowl an awful lot. Amisdst all the Tai vet visits, she was also whisked to the vet for a battery of tests. I couldn't imagine losing two furkids at the same time!

Poked, prodded, and voilated, Fizzie was not happy..

The good news is a urinalysis uncovered she had no diseases, and it was just a UTI. Phew!

She got an antibiotic shot and we were on our way. I thought it was pretty sweet, a shot that lasts two weeks, and NO PILLS!!

When the lab opened on Monday, my vet called to tell me her infection is in fact, bacterial and she needs to take a different pill for two weeks.

Q: Who likes to pill a cat? A: Nobody!

You think I'm stupid, lady? I ain't eating this shit!

After doing the kitty burrito and still getting bit, the next day I smashed the pill up to a fine powder. Then, I mixed it with half a can of albacore tuna, and all the juice, and spun it thru the food processor. Then I warmed it in the microwave. Smelled deliciously fishy to me!

Fizzgig sniffed it and gave me the "fuck you" face you see in the above picture. I tried to force her to eat the tuna...eh....no!

I knew that a cat was too smart to be fooled. But I had high hopes! So...I'm back to pilling the cat, and keeping band aid in business.

It's been such an emotionally draining week. On top of the sadness of the furkids, I've incurred a pretty hefty veterinary bill, that I simply cannot afford. Luckily, I qualified for Care Credit, and my awesome landlord is going to hold my rent check a few days until my next pay day.

I've had enough kitty drama for a while. Now, I am going to focus on my next race in a month, and try to get back to ordinary life!


Brianna said...

Wow! What a week. Glad it worked out. Hope your kitty know how much you did for him...oh kitties!

Carmen said...

Sorry to hear about Tai :(

Urban Cynic said...

That is the biggest 'fuck you' face I've ever seen! Not impressed at all is she?

I've so very sorry to hear about your little cat. I've lost cats before so I know exactly how you feel. It sounds like you had the most wonderful time together and I'm sure you treasure that. x

Debbie @ Live from La Quinta said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. {hugs}

Teena in Toronto said...

I'm sorry about your kitty.