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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Moves Like Jagger...

I may or may not have mentioned  how I have had the hots for a security guard at work for oh, a little over 2 years now. I work in an office building, where, due to the nature of our business we have a truckton of security officers both on foot, and in patrol cars.

He passes my cubicle, and turns his head back around to look right at me. Sometimes I am alerted by phone calls from various coworkers in my area "he's coming", and sometimes, to my horror, I would just randomly turn around (my back is to our aisle way) and meet his gaze as he passed, looking right. at. me. I always turn right back around like a total asshole!

Then, there are the times when I'm out of my cubicle, talking to someone in my department, at which time we are face to face when he walks thru. Since I have horrible game, I look away immediately.

I have said "hi" to him only once, when I almost ran into him coming out of my cubicle eating an apple.

A few times, I was walking with a purpose, and almost ran right into him, and without a word, changed direction, and walked the other way. I mean, I couldn't make it more obvious that either a) I'm a total bitch who hates to interact with others or b) I have a thing for him.

Everyone in my department has said every time he passes my desk he looks back at me. They all say it's obvious he is interested in me. But I am such a total chickenshit girl, that I have no idea what to do about it?

Today, the girls at work told me, as we locked eyes TWO times in his passing (which means that after he passes me, I turn around, and catch him turning around as well..)...that it has been going on for far too long, and they are tired of my shyness.

I always expect for a guy to make the move. I mean, why doesn't HE say something to ME?

It's kind of getting old, this cat and mouse game. I am so use to sitting back and letting things come to me, that I have no idea how to make this connection more than our daily pass-by smiles.

Should I just grow a set and say something? And, what do you say?


Carolyn G said...

Tough call. I was always a chicken about asking guys out because they should do it.

Maybe bring some cookies to work and offer him one. Say hi. He might be as shy as you are or he might not have game!

Teena said...

Have you actually ever had a conversation with him? Maybe say "Hi"?

Frances D said...

Say something - like right now.
Stay fabulous.
Waving at you from New York

Fizzgig said...

i know, right? but it's to the point the girls want to say something and then that makes me look super lame! I have said Hi, exactly one time to him.

once, I said HI! I will try it again the next time he comes thru, it is my goal!

well hello, stranger! It is my goal...to be friendly, and flash my winning smile....lol

White Space said...

Man up lady!! You need to start a conversation with this guy the very next time you see him. Nothing will ever happen if you don't make it happen so when you next see him just say "hi, how's it going?" ask him how his day is panning out, ask him ANYTHING for God's sake!

2 years??!! Jeeeez... This guy will end up with someone else if you don't express an interest - an interest that he might be looking out for every time he stares at you.

I'm shocked, this is the 21st century and it's fine to start chatting to a guy, you don't have to look desperate just be friendly and approachable. It might turn out that he's spoken for, a bit of a prat, or gay. But at least you'll know & can move on to fresh pastures. Unless you like the flirting and don't actually want a boyfriend or a new friend that is...? x

White Space said...

I just read the comment I left you and it comes across as really forceful! I do apologise - I am definitely a bit blunt (my friends say it's my best quality!) but you don't know me so that must have sounded a bit full-on. I meant to be encouraging not bullying so I hope you took it that way.

PS - I still meant it - start talking to him you fool!

Fizzgig said...

oh its fine! i can take bluntness, i need more of it in my life since im the same way. i hate when people tell you what you want to hear, how is that helpful? I did actually find out he does still have a girlfriend. =/ probably bad that he checks me out all the time. I am thinking of moving on to greener pastures! i tend to like what I can't have.