"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Board of Dreams.

I posted this at facebook, but it kinda goes along with my post from yesterday. Here is my dream board. If I had a computer at home hooked up to the internet (I'm thinking of going with AT&T, who has them....anyone...anyone?) I would have found some program to do mouse overs to explain everything. But then I'd be pissed if I went to all that trouble and no one appreciated it. I may turn into the hulk. Ah, fooled ya.

I took the things off of my board that I have gotten, like my phone, and a raise, and a new job, and a reiki certification. I really believe in these things. The idea is to just fill it with images that appeal to you, or of things you want to have. The message of mine is basically contentment, and happiness. All my sayings have to do with those two themes.

I have laughter, happiness, money, savings, river rocks, the ocean, Homes in Charleston, SC, beaches, a farm house, old dishes, working out, Australia, a happy patient with a dentist, TWO representations of being married, sunrises, sunsets, massage, meditation, fruit, vegetables, animals, my future husband Edwin McCain, a picture of what my arms will look like one day. And a really sweet card from my manfriend in the corner.

Then things I want, like a seltzer water maker, a new printer, a sleigh bed, new TV. I think everyone should make their own dream board. I've had one for a couple of years, it's ever-changing as I find new things to add. It wasn't always so full. You can read about them here, or google them.

Speaking of dreams, I had a dream this past weekend, that I had a huge backyard party, complete with a DJ and karaoke. I was singing with a group of friends, and they were waiting for me, and called my name, and I announced I wouldn't sing until my Mom was located at the party. Then, everyone started screaming and running in pandemonium. I thought...."what the fuck, what about my song???"

Then I felt a pain at my back, and instantly all the blood rushed from my body and I fell down the stairs, but I got up and ran away. Fast. I was stabbed in the lower back by a crazy madman at my party.

I have had a pain in my back for a couple weeks now.

P.S. I started using these arm circle things I got years ago....um, ouch!


Mike said...

That dream board is a pretty cool idea. Speaking of dreams, being violently attacked in dreams is strange, isn't it? I must've had a million dreams where I've been shot. After the first fifty times, it's not scary anymore.

No Internet at home? Now that IS scary.

Amandaaa said...

a dream board? how fantastic!
nothing like laying your dreams right
out there for you to always see.
smart cookie!

edwin mccain, huh? i LOVE his

if your dream karaoke party comes
true, invite me! i love some

hang in there with the back pain-ouchie.

Fizzgig said...

Hecks yea, its something to constantly remind you of your dreams.


Ms. Megan said...

I like the dream board idea... I think I am going to start one!

Sue said...

A very creative idea! Thanks so much for stopping by my blogs. I've got you bookmarked now, and will be back :)