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Thursday, April 12, 2007

1-800 Dial A Hoe...

You want to know why I don't make the big bucks? Don't ask me, I mean, I am constant entertainment for the people I work with. First, I cuss out my VP inadvertantly last month on the phone, and then I direct coworkers to call a sex line.

Last week, I set up a conference call for one of (luckily) my favorite district managers, to happen on Monday. When you set them up, the conference place sends you a phone number, it's usually an 800, 888, or 866 number. Then I send an email w/the phone number.

Monday, I get a call from a manager... He said he had a conference call, but the number was definatly not the right number. He was laughing when he said it. So, I looked it up and gave him the phone number I had on file. Which was the same number.

I got two more phone calls like that, claiming the number definatly wasn't right.

Two days later, my DM sends me an email, to tell me that the number I sent her for the call, was for a porn line.


Yes, Porn.

So, what else can I do but call her and leave her a message asking her if she needs me to set up another call. She said no, she thought it was quite funny, and they figured out what had happened was, the number should have been an 888, and I sent them all an 866.

Dumbass! I'm waiting for the auditors to ask why the stores all dialed porn lines. You know where the blame is going for that one. I'll never live it down.

Without me, their call would have just been about boring work crap. And what thanks do I get? None. I'm just glad it was one of the DM's I get along well with, or I would have felt really stupid.


sazza said...

That is priceless! You sure you didn't do it on purpose???!!!!

supplymadam said...

We are all allowed to make mistakes. But your's takes the cake!

Gabriela said...

LOL, hahaha I think that would make my day. It would be really funny, that's for sure.

Mon said...

If i did it on purpose I wouldve given out a better number....not a bad idea!

I swear. I am great entertainment.

thats what im sayin! lol. i gave them a good laugh!